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Cheshire Camper Van Hire
Wedding Camper Van Hire


Our history

We are a small company based in the village of Elton Cheshire with over 28 years of business experience. Our wedding hire was established in 2008 and continues to grow today. We pride ourselves on running an efficient service to our customers and making your day very special. We have a beautiful fleet of vehicles to compliment your special occasion.

What we offer

We offer the finest quality of retro classic and modern vehicles for your wedding day. We know your special day is important so we aim to pull out all the stops to ensure you have a magical and memorable experience. Our drivers are friendly, professional and dedicated.

With that in mind, we can ensure your time with us is spent in luxury and style. All our vehicles turn heads and photographed everywhere they go.



Every aspect of the day from the moment the bride woke up until she shut her eyes at night was magical, and Tiffany was integral part of the fabulous day.

Another happy couple

Thank you for saving the day with Tiffany. She was the perfect VW Camper for our wedding, making our day perfect.

Kerry & Chris